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4 Ways to Create Whiteboard Videos Online for your Small Business

Since I am making some whiteboard for inBoundio homepage and for our youtube channel, I thought to publish a blog post listing the sites and places from where you can also get your whiteboard videos created for your small businesses and companies. 

1. Use VideoScribe - Most of the whiteboard videos which you see online are created by a software called Sparkol VideoScribe so if you want to give it a try and create a video by yourself, you probably want to start with it. You may want to read this thread at warriorforum too to read what its users think and how you can make better videos with it. The service costs $19/month and may use some other software like inkscape for design and camtasia for better video compression. 

2. Use services like fiverr - There are tons of people at fiverr who are making whtieboard videos for $5 though if you want audio and want work to be done fast, you may have to pitch $20 extra but most of the time it is worth it. I have got some videos done there and found the quality of the work to be very decent. 

3. Use freelancing sites - I have also used sites like oDesk and elance to get some videos done in the past. These sites are ideal i ff you are looking for very high quality work for which you are willing to pay a premium. Most likely you want to hire an agency with proven record of high quality whiteboard videos. The cost can go anywhere from $200 to $2000 depending on the voice over, quality of animation etc. Here is a list of 13 freelancing sites for you to have more option to find freelancers. 

4. Search local contractors and classified sites - Most of the video editors and designers knows how to create whiteboard and stop motion videos for product demo, you can find them through local classified and craigslist. This is the best option if you want to work closely with the animators to convey your thought process as many times working online often causes. 

If you know more such options to create whiteboard and stop motion videos, please post them as comments.

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