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Advanced Inbound Marketing for 2015 - Focus on these 7 Things to Get Maximum ROI

Inbound Marketing has become somewhat repetitive and little overused. Lot of content has already been written by HubSpot, Moz, Business2Community and various other marketing blogs. Most of the content is written about what is inbound marketing and how businesses can leverage using it along with using various marketing tools. Just like every aspect of marketing, Inbound Marketing has also come a long way from just writing content and catching eye balls. With already so much saturation of content on the web and with everyone following same set of practices, it is getting little monotonous and less effective. You can't just write content, put it on social media and expect to get trafic. Since 2015 is very close, we have created a small list that includes 7 things which will allow you to have a much better, successful inbound marketing campaign next year and to have higher ROI.

1. Marketing Automation

You have to use inbound marketing tools and software, you just can't avoid them. It doesn't matter you use InBoundio, HubSpot, InfusionSoft or the vertical tools to create landing pages, manage social media etc. Marketing Automation is a must for every business and marketers. You also need a strategy and proper budget allotment as tools is only one part of marketing automation, you need to spend time and money on human resources to get the best result out of them.

2. Analytics and Testing

Analytics is not just simply installing javascript code of Google analytics or few other tools and looking at it once a week. You want to get into more advanced analytics, luckily Google Analytics provides you every insight possible including testing so analyse, test and optimize your inbound marketing campaign. You can have a look at Google Analytics, Optimizely and VWO for various testing experiments.

3. Unique and High Quality Content

There are good chances that almost everything that can be written has been written on Internet in your niche and writing rehashed content may not take you very far in terms of user appeal or search engine rankings. Instead of churning daily 500 word articles or getting it written from freelancers you probably want to write it yourself. The content on Internet gets doubled every 2 year and the only way to make your content marketing work is to publish high quality unique content which also gets success on social media.

4. User Segmentation and User Behaviour

You want to understand your users, their behavior and segment them. You just can't look at awstats but have to go much deeper to understand user intent, entry pages, exit pages etc as well as why the user is acting like this. Google Analytics and KissMetrics are two good tools for understanding user behaviour so you can have a look at them.

5. Funnel Optimisation

Understanding Funnels, building funnels and optimizing funnels will be equally important as understanding user behaviour. You want to optimize user experience and achieve goals through funnel optimisation.

6. User experience, Interactive and Rich Media

User experience is important and you want the user to interact with your content. Using widgets, graphs, forms etc can play important role in user stickiness and content being more effective.

7. Focus on building a Brand

Branding and Image will play a big role and should be integral part of your inbound marketing campaign. Branding not only will help you in getting more direct media coverage (since people directly associate that vertical with your company) but will also help your search engine rankings as Google do give value to stronger brands. 


In conclusion, inbound marketing will get more mature in 2015 which needs more mature and analytical approach towards your campaign. Diversity, Optimization and uniqueness are the key when you create your inbound marketing campaign in 2015, so make sure to design it around them and the tips above if you want the best results!

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