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Big Results: How To Write Effective Landing Page Text.

As we touched on in the Landing Pages v.s Your Website article, a landing page is a page a visitor arrives on after clicking on one of your PPC ads, like Google AdWords or a Banner ad. Unfortunately, and all too often inexperienced marketing people will send their paid traffic to their website, usually their homepage, which can be a big mistake for most companies. You don't want to waste your marketing budget after all!

Landing pages are a combination of the 'best parts' of your website, wrapped around the specific product or service you want to sell. And they work because a user does not have to click through your entire website to get what they want, just look at one very targeted page. That's why landing pages (done right) have better conversion rates than most websites. 

Before You Start Writing Your Landing Page Text. 

Prior to getting the old typing fingers out, there are a few things you need to define upfront. These are: 

1. What is your goal for the Landing Page? 
If you could get people to do just one thing on your Landing Page, what would it be? Do you want them to buy something, submit their details, signup to your drip email marketing campaign, download your PDF? Buy a product or book a service? Call you up? Or perhaps just get them excited about an event or in-store demo? 

Defining what you want your Landing Page visitors to do is critical, and another reason Landing Pages are so effective!

2. Know your competition! 
One strategy for effect Landing Page content is knowing your competition so you can create a more appealing offer or statement. Don't be afraid to copy your competitors, but twist it to your personality and brand. If your competitors are running a successful campaign, you should tap into that as you know it works. Some things to look at are: What information do you need to present? Do your competitors showcase their team? How about testimonials or case studies? Do they use prior customer logos or any other social proof to build rapport?

Google the services or products you are offering to see what your competitors are doing, and what information they are presenting. 

3. Segment your audience
Let's say your business is a car wash, and your clients range from 18 to 80. When it comes to a Landing Page, it's always best to focus on a specific age group for both writing your Landing Page content and selecting your images. Naturally, you can set up as many Landing Pages as you want for the same service, simply tailor your Landing Pages and various PPC ads to those age groups. 

When it comes to writing Landing Page text and selecting the right images, segment your audience if you appeal to a wide range of people.

4. Know how people are getting to your Landing Page.
PPC ads like Google AdWords is not the only way you can generate traffic and potential buyers to a Landing Page. You can also use Facebook or any other social media channel, or even run a radio or TV commercial. However you plan to get people to your Landing Page, it's essential you know where they are coming from so you understand their mindset. If you need to, write down the steps a potential buyer needs to go through to get to your Landing Page, and what happens after they take action on it. This is called a 'customer journey', and it's important to understand before writing your Landing Page text.

Think about your customer journey when writing your website text. For example, are they getting advertised to, or are they searching for you? 

5. Your text and images need to work together.
Along with your eye-catching headlines, you also need to use eye-catching images. Images that are relevant to your users and create a positive emotional response. Research indicates that negative headlines and images don't pursue people to take action, and can often make them feel more afraid or nervous. So stick to the positive and choose bright, calming and positive images. Naturally this all depends on your product, service, and audience. But hopefully this point is a good guideline. 

Keep your text and images positive, using visuals that help inspire action and create an energetic feeling. Remember a Landing Page is not a Blog like this one, which is educational. A Landing Page is more like a TV commercial.

How Long Should Your Landing Page Text Be?

With the above points covered, now we get to the million dollar question: How long should your Landing Page be? In our opinion, long enough to cover everything a potential buyer would 'want to know' and 'remove any concerns', and no longer. 

Consider using multiple headlines and only writing paragraphs that are 2-3 lines long. Also, consider using dot points where possible. The trick is catering to 'the skimmers', who will only read your headlines. Is that enough for a potential buyer or lead to take action? It's important to not overwhelm visitors, keep it clean and simple with all of the benefits they'll need to take action. 

Does A Long Or Short Landing Page Work Best?

The answer is, it depends on your product or service, and your target market. If you follow all of the advice in this article, you should be able to write powerful Landing Page text without thinking about 'long or short'. The content will come together by itself as you think about all of the things a potential buyer would need to know.

A Quick Summary For Writing Powerful Landing Page Text:

1. What is your goal for the Landing Page? 
2. Know your competition! 
3. Segment your audience.
4. Know how people are getting to your Landing Page.
5. Your text and images need to work together.
6. Don't worry about your Landing Page length. Simply cover all of the benefits you offer, and remove any concerns your target audience would have.

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