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Content Marketing And Marketing Automation - What's The Link?

If you want to grow your sales while keeping your established customers happy, you'll surely need a content marketing plan. Content marketing is how you give your customers relevant, insightful and actionable information to help them in their lives - the key to happy, returning customers. But trying to do content marketing manually is super time consuming, you not only need to create the content, but also manage it across a number of channels like your website, email, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Yikes! 

To be effective, your content marketing endeavors need to run like clockwork, so you don't get bogged down in the finer details. You need to be able to create your content in minimal time, send it out through your channels, monitor and react to the responses you're getting.

Enter marketing automation software inboundio.

Social Media And Marketing Automation.

With marketing automation software, you can instantly cut down the time it takes to share your content through social media, which helps you magnify your message to your audience. inboundio helps to this by giving you a quick way to post to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn all at once! You can also view your message history to make sure your content marketing strategy is being executed. 

By posting across multiple social channels at once, you are keeping your business at the front of your customer's minds, so you have multiple touch points throughout their day and natural social browsing habits - on their desktop, laptop or mobile device.

Marketing automation, however, covers more than social, with inboundio it also includes email marketing, so you can give your customers and prospects value, right where they do business! 

Email Marketing And Marketing Automation.

Perhaps you've heard of the "marketing rule of seven", where it takes a prospect seven separate messages or contact points before they decide to buy from you. Email marketing (done right where your customers are waiting for your next email with valuable tips and information), is remarkably powerful and gives you a measured way to see these seven touchpoints. 

Forrester Research also gathered information to conclude that businesses who do email marketing get 50% more sales than those who don't, with a 33% lower marketing budget. Remarkable figures. So for many businesses, email is still one of, if not the most powerful channel to get content marketing results. With email marketing automation, you can set-up a fully automated campaign and personalise your messages. Brilliant.

Your CRM And Marketing Automation.

Your CRM is your database of customers, the backbone of your content marketing. CRM stands for 'customer relationship management', where you can store and track the habits of your customers, all in one central and secure place. 

Before modern CRM systems like inboundio for small business, people used to use Excel spreadsheets to store customer contact information and sales data. But of course, this is a dangerous practice as spreadsheets are easily corrupted, written over or deleted. Hence the power and reliability of a proper CRM. 

Landing Pages And Marketing Automation. 

If you're trying to acquire new customers through PPC digital marketing, then you really need to consider setting up and running Landing Pages - no matter what industry you're in. Because if you're sending your PPC advertising (like AdWords) to your website, you could be missing not only potential leads but also the ability to capture email address for your nurture list. Those people who are interested, but not at the buying stage just yet. 

Whether you run a trades business, vet clinic, coffee shop, Landing Pages are often where inbound marketing starts, and can be 10 times more effective than your website. We wrote a little article about this here:

Do You Need A Marketing Automation Tool?

If you want to create and execute any long-term marketing strategy, then yes, you will need marketing automation software. Without out your marketing will be a mess and you won't know what strategies are working, and what isn't. You're essentially shooting in the dark, and this sadly means wasted time and marketing budget. 

Like to try the easiest marketing automation tool on the market, then check out inboundio.

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