Inbound Marketing Tips and Tricks

Create Autoresponders

To create autoresponder linked to a landing page (so emails will be sent to those who fill it in) select that landing page. If you don't want to use any landing page, you can send emails to your email list too by selecting the email list/leads status

  1. Navigate to the "Autoresponders" area from the left hand menu
  2. Click the "Create New Autoresponder" button
  3. Select a landing page you wish to enable an autoresponder, this is optional
  4. Select the email list/lead status group from the dropdown menu, this is optional 
    NOTE: You should select at least a landing page or an mailing list to enable an autoresponder to function correctly
  5. Select the day on which you want to send the emails e.g. 7 days after they first fill out the landing page form, this can also be used to send out an email to a certain lead status type email lists every n number of days
  6. Give the subject to the autoresponder email
  7. Select the email template
  8. Modify the email body
  9. Save the autoresponder by clicking the "Create Autoresponder" button



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