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How NOT to build your Mailing List

Building a mailing list for your company can provide you with some stunning results, as this way you will have a better control over the way you perform your marketing, not to mention that you will bring a much more personal way to interact with customers. Creating a connection with the potential customer is essential nowadays if you want to make a sale, and mailing lists will provide you with the exact means of doing that. Buy Bulk Email Software However, there are a few things that you need to avoid when you create a mailing list, and we have gathered a few into this article.

1. Don't Buy Email List from Bulk Email Service Providers

If you want to create a mailing list that brings the best results, you need to make sure that the mail addresses are provided willingly. Getting access to some mails without the person handing them to you will just make it seem that you are spamming that particular person, and that means that your mail will go unnoticed. This is why buying a list from email service providers is just a bad way to build a mailing list, instead try to create it organically if you want to achieve the best results. Forums DigitalPoint Email Spam
  • Don't Buy Email List from people selling their list in webmaster forums
  • Don't Buy Email List from Freelancers as most of them are selling you stale database which they got from either their previous work/employer or downloaded it for free from some where.
  • Don't Buy Email List from Database sites
  • Don't Buy Email list from black hat forums
  • Don't Buy Email list from Hoovers, InfoUSA
There is nothing wrong in buying databases to do industry research and to understand your competitors but sending mass email to users who have not opt-in can get you in serious trouble as US and other countries have very strict laws and fine for this. Also email and newsletter software services like mailchimp, sendgrid will disable your account if they find out you are sending mails to non opt-in list.

2. Don't Buy Outdated Lists

Although buying mail lists is not ok, buying outdated ones is even worse. This way you might get access to mails that might not even be used anymore, wasting your time, effort and money. The best way to avoid this is by not buying mailing lists. If you do want to buy no matter what, try to check the validity of a few mails before initiating a purchase.

3. Don't Scrape Data

Email Not to List Many websites nowadays provide access to their user’s mails, and places such as White Pages, Yelp, Yellow pages and so on can be thought of as the holy grail if you are looking for a fast way to create your mailing list. Unfortunately, fast doesn’t mean better, and in the end you will have some very bad results and a discredited company as you will find yourself spamming people that aren’t your target audience.

4. Don't Force People to Sign Up to your List

There is a thin line between asking people to signup for your mailing list and forcing them to do it. Offering free downloads and incentives are fine but restricting access to part of the site till the user subscribe is not.

Many websites nowadays force users to sign up to the mailing list by inserting a prompt that won’t disappear unless you enter a valid mail. This is a very bad way to get mails and building your mailing list, because people won’t do that willingly, in fact when they see this they will most likely quit visiting your site. Avoid doing this at all costs if you want great results!

5. Don't Force “Join our newsletter”

Don’t say such a thing on your site, because no one wants to join yet another newsletter. If you want people to share their mail, provide some incentive such as a free eBook or something similar, as this will entice them more towards sharing the mail address. Make it feel something natural, as that will help a lot when it comes to establishing a connection with the audience!

 Also avoid default newsletter subscription as option at signup (though most of the companies still do this)

6. Don't Ask Excessive Information and Use it for Different Purpose

Many companies do this in a bad way, because the opting in process should be simple and not obtrusive. Make it simple, ask for the mail and that’s it, because the more info you ask, the more suspicious your audience will be and thus they will avoid joining your mailing list.

These are the things you need to avoid when it comes to building your mailing list. Make this feel like a natural process, ask for less information and also bring value as well as good content, otherwise the audience will try to opt out of the list and all of the efforts will be for nothing!

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