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How to to do Inbound marketing for Mobile Users

As per comscore, mobile market has grown so much to the point that search query volumes from mobile phones have begun to outpace growth of queries from desktop computers and soon the total volume of queries will overtake desktop queries. With mobile being so huge, as a smalll business focussing on inbound marketing, you just can't ignore it. If you look at the below image of various traffic sources, you can see traffic will be coming from mobiles and tablets for all the sources.  .  

How to Promote your Content to Mobile Users Using Inbound Marketing

Whether it is a website, a blog, an article, or the products and/or services of a certain company, the main goal of any digital marketer is to make all the aspects of the marketing campaign as interactive with the audience as possible because once taken care of, traffic and site performance are soon to follow. 

Inbound marketing to mobile users, however, is a completely different thing, one that requires re-optimization of most aspects of the online marketing campaign to make sure it retains it readability and accessibility while still being as engaging as possible. 

Here are a few ways that should work out for digital marketers hoping to tap into the mobile aspect of their market using inbound marketing, as well as the tools they can use to measure its success: 

Optimizing Web Content for Mobile Viewing 

The difference between the websites of famous companies then and now is how mobile users can navigate the websites in a much more convenient way. No longer will mobile viewing be after the same again, with most companies investing in two versions of their websites – the web version and the mobile version. 

Tools to optimize your web content for mobiles and tablets 

To optimize your content for mobiles, you can use following tools and software 

1. If you are using CMS and web framework, there must be existing plugins and addons to make your site mobile friendly. Here are such plugins for wordpressdrupal(search for mobile) etc 

2. Use bootstrapzurb and similar libraries to build responsive design for your website. For example, Inboundio is built using bootstrap so I never have to worry about user agents as depending on screen resolution, the site design gets changed. 

Create mobile apps (native or browser based) 

With more and more people logging on to websites using devices that rely on touch to scroll, browse, etc, investing on a mobile website, though a good idea, pales in comparison if a company decides to invest in the development of their own mobile app. 

With a mobile app, you can go for a more targeted approach for your market, allowing you to generate the content you want consumers to see. What is best, however, is that a mobile app allows you to make it easier to offer loyalty rewards, discounts, raffles, games, etc, while allowing users to share content from your website to social media sites without much of a hassle. 

That in mind, the possibility of capturing leads, getting better market exposure and/or awareness, as well as the possibility of getting a wider market share – all brought about by the various lead capturing potential of mobile apps – that down the line may lead to profit goes significantly higher if a company chooses to invest in a mobile app. 

List of tools and web based software to create mobile apps without doing any coding 

Here are few tools using which you can create mobile version for your website or create simple apps which you can publish on google play or apple store. 

1. Conduit
|2. Apps Builder
3. Infinite Monkeys
4. Shoutme
5. AppMakr
6. Codiga 

How to understand and track Mobile User Behavior 

While it is easily possible to measure through various metrics, the various leads that ultimately generates revenue that results from the various inbound marketing strategies for mobile users, all of these are in vain should a company NOT have a good understanding of the behaviour of their mobile users. 

Here is a list of mobile analytics tools you can use for better inbound marketing

  1. Google Analytics App - Part of google analytics, if you are looking for quick mobile data, there is nothing better than google analytics.
  2. Flurry
  3. Localytics
  4. New Relic
  5. Apsalr
If you know more such tools and software which can be used as part of your inbound marketing efforts and can improve your conversions on mobiles/tablets, do mention them in comments.

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