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List of 11 Inbound Marketing Services you can offer

Edit - If you are an inbound marketing agency or a business looking for inbound marketing services, do check out InBoundio Marketing Services page too. 

If you are an inbound marketing agency or a web development company looking to offer inbound marketing services, here are some services which you can offer (if you more such services, please suggest them in comments, I will add them here) 

1. Inbound Marketing Analysis and Consulting - you can discuss and understand the client needs and help them to build a proper long-term marketing plan to get more qualified traffic and conversions. 

2. Search Engine Optimization - you can make the website of the client more search engine friendly as well can do both on page and off page optimization. 

3. Social Media Management - you can manage client's social media presence or can help them configure and semi automate it. 

4. Content marketing - you can manage all the content creation and publishing part for the client including blog management and social media management. 

5. Landing pages creation - you can design landing pages for your clients as well as configure them. 

6. Lead nurturing - you can help the client filtering the leads and set up drip marketing campaigns either through automation or you yourself can do it. 

7. Email marketing - you can offer email marketing services like setting up campaigns, newsletters, creating templates etc. 

8. Web analytics - you can help the client set up web analytics like google analytics including configuring campaign setup, setting up rules and filters as well as daily reporting to his email box. 

9. Local Search and Marketing - you can help your client to have better local presence by working on a local marketing plan. 

10. Viral content - If you feel confident enough and have good material, you can help your clients creating viral content 

11. Conference/Events/Webinars - you can help your client in organizing events and webinars both online and offline. As an infographic

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