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List of 23 Mobile Analytics Tools useful for your Inbound Marketing

In the previous article we had written about inbound marketing for mobile users and how to optimize your website for mobile and tablets to get better conversions. There we had mentioned mobile analytics tools like Flurry, Newrelic, apsalar etc. So we thought lets make a post covering all the mobile analytic tools so you can compare them and chose which one suits your need. 

Some of the most of popular and largest analytics tools and platforms

1. Localytics – Its a perfect real time analytic for all mobile and internet apps which offers user segmentation, engagement analysis and lifetime value tracking and have a simple/plug-and-play SDK. 

2. Apsalar - Apsalar helps in mobile activity targeting ever made analytic together with its DSP platform that permits you automatic revenue tracking. 

3. Mixpanel – Mixpanel is a real time mobile analytic platform enables you to track different users and allows to dive deep into data offering 25000 data points with charging. 

4. WebTrends – Web trends additionally allows insights into session data and conjointly offers mobile analytic solutions and gives instant app usage data for all mobiles. 

5. CoreMetrics – CoreMetrics monitors and evaluate mobile-related data, such as gadgets and carriers and Analyzes the marketing channels and countries from which mobile users access your site. 

6. Flurry – Well-known mobile-dedicated analytic offers its device for free in order to collect ad data. Allows you evaluate customer involvement, life-time value, earnings, sets up and all the conventional things, as well as accident statistics. 

Smaller but still useful mobile analytics software and tools 

7. Bango - Bango offers a mobile app statistics device providing you exposure on users action and regularity. Also allows you create customized app activities. SDK available for major phones like Android operating system and BlackBerry. 

8. Apptentive - An statistics system that concentrates on allowing you to gather and analyze customer reviews on your applications. You can try it out for 100 % free. 

9. Swrve - App statistics and optimization system that concentrates entirely on mobile activities. Allows you track income activities in real-time and paths how customers interact with with your app. 

10. SiteSpect – SiteSpect is a mobile website analytic and monitoring system that provides actions working on and other main analytics. Enables web marketers to optimize website and mobile web effectiveness through multivariate testing and behavioral targeting 

11. Appfigures - AppFigures monitoring app lets you track 5 programs, having a free version and a paid version translates testimonials into the developer’s terminology of choice and transforms international sales into a single forex. 

12. Flightpath- Flightpath is a real time analytics allows variety of new features to help not just with customer acquisition, but also with monitoring and maintaining customer. 

13. ATInternet – ATInternet mobile analytic provides a cellular statistics system. Facilitates iOS/Android/Windows Cellphone and has a concentrate on m-commerce statistics.

14. ImobiTracking - Application designed to help affiliates, companies and producers observe and improve strategies that focus on mobile cell phones. Track referrers, IP’s, OS, device and manufacturer. 

15. Ad x tracking - Mobile analytic for iOS, BlackBerry and Windows Phone. Concentrates more on the ad side with extensive click and publish obtain research system. Also allows you evaluate statistics for downloading, involvement and DAU and LTV. 

16. Adobe Marketing Cloud – Adobe marketing cloud provides all the traditional features and improves into SMS, QR specifications and look for ads. Also allows you get efficient figure measurements other applications along with mobile, such as e-mail, community and web. 

Other Smaller and niche Tools/software for mobile analytics and optimization 

17. Appcodes - A perfect analytic tool to track keywords, competitors and helps you in app store optimisation, provides customers with the capability to make customized URL wrappers for marketing codes 

18. Applicasa – Applicasa analytic platforn allows a range of game engagements, enables you to manage promotions like daily deals, two in one sales, announcements and milestone triggered events.

  19. Preemptive - Preemptive enables the users to view data and reports and allows usage of real time alerts and it also permits to send custom data configured endpoint. 

20. Applause – Applause Incomparable mobile analytic which emphasizes on mobile app quality and user fulfillment allowing companies to evaluate their applications edition to edition and against the competitors.

21. AppViz – AppViz enables automatic rank tracking, daily email reports, all reviews from all app stores . It focuses more on functionality and features. Prices start at $49 but there’s a free trial.

22. Mopapp – Mopapp lets you track downloading, income and maps, splitting info down by location and allows ability to import reviews and comments. The business edition costs $199 per month.

23. bytemobile - Bytemobile enable operators to provide the best possible video, audio and web experience while guaranteeing the best possible usage of network sources. Implemented in more than 130 owner systems globally, With the market flooded with so many mobile and tablet analytics tool for online marketers, I am sure I missed few, do tell me in the comment box and I will add that tool in the list.

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