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List of Inbound Marketing Software

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There are 8-10 software available in the market which falls under marketing automation and inbound marketing software, almost all of them target the mid/large business segment and the enterprise market. Most of the marketing automation software offers - 

1. Keyword research
2. Social media management
3. Landing pages and
4. Lead nurturing
5. Lead Scoring
5. Lead Nurturing
6. Managing contacts and CRM
7. Email marketing
8. Campaign analysis like Customer, Lead and Sales Intelligence 

Here is the list of such inbound marketing and automation software categorized as per segments they target

Small and mid size Marketing Software

1. InBoundio - InBoundio is a simplified inbound marketing software targeted towards small businesses, individuals, webmasters, SEO and marketing agencies and it has most of the inbound marketing features which other software have and It costs $30 to $100 per month which is ideal entry level price. 

2. Optify (shut down) - Optify is an integrated marketing suite targeted mostly towards marketing and advertising agencies which offers white labeling solutions too. It costs $4000 to $8000 a year depending on the plan, though there are some rumors of optify laying off its employees and looking to shut down.

Mid Size Business Marketing Software

1. HubSpot - HubSpot started in 2006 is the leader in inbound marketing software with a huge number of followers. The yearly contact of hubspot costs $3600 and goes upwards to $20,000 per year and more depending on the usage. 

2. Marketo - Targeted towards larger businesses, marketo offers marketing automation for enterprise customers and the yearly license cost minimum $10,000 per year. 

3. Pardot - Just like Marketo, another marketing automation software targeted towards larger businesses and enterprises, it costs $1000 per month. 

4. loopfuse - Loopfuse offers another alternative for above options but looking at its traffic and usage graph, it looks like it going downhill. It costs $3500 per year to $14,000 per year depending on the features and usage. 

5. Genius - Costs $400 to $1200 per month.

Enterprise Marketing Software

1. IBM Unica - Unica was purchased by IBM so it is now part of IBM Enterprise Marketing Management (EMM). IBM along with Coremetrics, offers marketing solutions and services to enterprise customers. 

2. Eloqua - Eloqua Corp. is a marketing automation SaaS company which develops automated marketing and demand generation software and services for business-to-business marketers. The company has been described as a pioneer and industry leader in lead generation services. 

3. Aprimo - Teradata Aprimo is an enterprise integrated marketing software which provides B2C and B2B companies with marketing automation software to manage several aspects of marketing like campaign management, lead management, brand management, e-mail marketing, event management, performance management, social marketing, spend management, and workflow and project management etc. 

4. Neolane - Neolane is product of Adobe 

5. DemandForce 

Some other software which falls under marketing automation (they are either not that big or comes under enterprise segment) 

1. distribion
2. Spectate
3. Sales Engine


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