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Looking to Hire or Start your own Marketing Agency ? Here are the 9 Types of Agency to Select from [With Infographics]

In order for a company to grow inorganically, it needs to find the best marketing agencies to team up with. No matter the field of work you work in, promoting your products is necessary and while you could do it yourself, the reality is that you can get the best results only if you hire a marketing company, but with so many out there it can be really hard to determine which are the best ones that you can use.

Since most of the small business often get confused between various type of agencies there are, in this article we are going to focus on various types of marketing agencies and what actually they do. There are two infographics as well to help you understand how marketing agencies work.

What is digital marketing 1. Full service marketing agency This type of marketing agency offers all the necessary type of promotional activities that you might need. No matter if you want commercial creation, marketing research, media planning, product promotion and so on, the full service marketing agencies will help you achieve your goal quickly. This is great if you need a company with lots of marketing experience to aid you. Needless to say, they do cost a lot and are ideal for big companies who don't want to have their own marketing department.

  2. Direct marketing agency This type of agency is specialised in direct outbound marketing most of the time like email marketing, SMS marketing, contacting existing databases etc.

3. Branding marketing agency
Just like the name says, the main focus of such an agency is to create a brand image for the company, and it can bring things such as environmental design, signage, logo creation as well as brand name creation, among many others. All these services are targeted towards offering the best possible way for a company to create and expand its brand! 

4. Advertising agency As expected, this type of agency uses all types of media, be it online or TV for example to create and share commercials with the audiences. Some agencies are smaller and focus on print only, but the larger one are focused on radio, web and TV. The main focus of advertising agencies is to provide their clients with the best possible exposure for their brand, while also enticing audiences with some impressive and interesting ideas. Many of the advertising agencies do manage online ad campaigns and even do tie ups with media networks and even ad networks. 

5. Media planning and buying agency Creating a promotional strategy is essential and that is exactly what this type of agency does. It revolves around research, buying, planning and strategizing the media that will represent your company. 

6. Promotion agency Promotion Agencies are all about creating the campaigns that will bring coupons, merchandising displays, packaging as well as contests and loyalty programs among many others. A promotion agency is great if you want to remove the hassle of promoting your company the right way, in fact they will do that for you at a small cost as well. 

7. PR marketing agency Taking care of the media and investor relations as well as performing crisis communication is what the PR agencies do best. Promoting your company during events and interacting with the media is primary job for PR agencies. Most of the PR agencies work on retainer and contract basis but you can often find few on yellowpages and local directories doing one off work. 

8. Internet and digital agency Internet and digital agencies focuses primarily on Internet to build client brand, visibility and to get leads. They do using this either through SEO, PPC and various inbound and outbound methods including usage of inbound marketing and marketing automation software. 

9. Design agency The promotional methods are important, sure, but what you promote is crucial to say the least. Design agency focuses on the actual creation of the stuff you promote on the web, and it will help you brand your company as well. Design agencies can do either web based design work like designing creatives or can do offline design work like creating pamphlets. Modern Marketing Infographic These are the most important types of marketing agencies you can find nowadays. Of course, there are multiple ones that you can use, but most of them are hybrids that combine multiple features from the aforementioned agencies with lot of overlapping in what they are offering. 

Using these agencies will help your company get the coverage/exposure that it needs, so it’s recommended that you use them as often as possible in order to get access to a wider audience, generate more leads and increase the profitability of your company! [Infographic courtesy MarketingTechBlog and InfographicsMania]

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