Inbound Marketing Tips and Tricks

Landing Pages v.s Your Website, Do You Need Both?

Whether you run a restaurant, dental clinic, a landscaping company, sell products online, a Landing Page is the perfect way to get people to take action. In fact, research suggests that a Landing Page done right could be 10 times more effective than your website at turning traffic into leads. Today we look at Landing Pages, and why you should care about them.

Partner with us as Reseller of inBoundio PRO

inboundio pro logoIf you are a marketer, SMB or a marketing agency and have a client base and network which can buy inBoundio PRO, this is an excellent opportunity for you to partner with us. Marketing is not easy, or at least not something which can be done fast with instant results. Every product need partners and affiliate to grow them, since we get plenty of inquiries to resell inBoundio PRO as white label inbound marketing software from all parts of the world, we decided to launch this officially. Here are some questions as a potential reseller you may ask - What is inBoundio PRO inBoundio PRO is white label inbound marketing software targeted towards small business and marketing agencies. With inBoundio PRO, you can build your own marketing software company or start your marketing agency offering product and services. Who can partner and resell inBoundio PRO ? Anyone. But make sure you do not spam to get sales. What countries are supported ?  We don't have any filters for countries, there are already inquiries from brazil, italiy, germany etc so we don't see any reason why we can't work with partners from other countries. Can I resell the software under my company name ? Yes though still contact us to get everything clarified. Where can I get more info about inBoundio PRO ?  Everything which you need is there on this page. There is a big 15 page guide as well as demo account so you can see inBoundio PRO demo installation

inBoundio Launches Affiliate Program - 20% Payout per Referral!

Affiliate marketers, we have an offer for you! InBoundio now is offering 20% referral commission for any paid user, over the lifetime of the customer. inboundio Affiliate Program How Do You Start Using Our Affiliate Program?  Simple, just register with inBoundio and you will see your affiliate link under your profile link on the top right hand side of the page. Use this, and get users sign up. FAQ about the inBoundio Affiliate Program 1. How much is the payout? 20% on every paid user throughout customer lifetime. 2. When do I get paid? 30 days after the client pays us. (We have to do this to cover any of chargebacks.) 3. How many referrals I can make? As many as you want -- NO Limit. But make sure you don't spam. Let’s play by the rules, shall we :) 4. I have some questions. Who do I ask? Ask us on twitter or mail it to me through our contact us page. I will get back to you in matter of hours if not minutes.


InBoundio is the world’s simplest inbound marketing software targeted towards individuals, small businesses looking to organize their Internet Marketing efforts as well as Marketing or Design Agencies looking to offer an easy to use white label / reseller service to their clients.

Offering Social Media Marketing, Landing Pages, CRM, Drip Marketing, Email Marketing, Autoresponders, Reporting and Analytics, InBoundio has all the essentials you need in one simple, powerful and affordable solution.


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